02.01.2019 – Scatterbrained, Music & Privilege

I might get the hang of this ‘daily blogging’ in 2019, at least re: formats and topics. I was inspired by a few fellow German bloggers (blogging in German): Christian most of all, and Vanessa and others. So, let’s try this a bit more focused…

Sleep? Yes. Or rather no. Not enough. I always find it diffucult to return to a reasonable / regular sleep schedule after some time off, so it’s no suprise that I went to bed too late and of course didn’t sleep very well. I hopefully will do better tonight.

Scatterbrained? Yes. Very! I blame the lack of sleep. Exhibit A: I packed the wrong bag for work and only realized that my office key was in a different bag (at home!) when I was already walking up to the office building. It’s a good thing each of our team members’ keys also opens the other team members’ doors. Exhibit B: When I stopped by Bro3 on the way home, we played Darts for a bit while we were chatting. I took off the rings on my left hand, because holding a dart felt wrong with ringed fingers. Weird maybe? When I later started my car it luckily only took me a few seconds to realize that my hand on the wheel felt weird, because I wasn’t wearing my rings. Rewind! *sigh* On the upside: I didn’t forget to buy any of the items on my shopping list. I think…

Music. There were several points I had planned to make about music in this post, but I’m feeling exhaustion creeping up on me, so I might have to postpone these thoughts. The gist of it was something along: Pay the artist for the art you enjoy! Whether the busker on the street or the DIY girl on bandcamp and even the ‘big names’ if they’re your thing. If you’re not into vinyl or even CDs anymore, pay for the download from an offical site at least. You don’t want to work for free either, do you?

Privilege. Every once in a while, you might want to check if you’re still aware of yours. When a slightly destitute looking person today asked me for directions to the council office to inquire about housing benefits, I was polite and helped them out. But for a tiny moment I also felt bothered in my day and thought “Dude, there are signs and directions everywhere. Can’t you read?!?” Yeah, what a bitch, right? Seriously, I was appalled by myself. Maybe they’ve never learned to read properly. Maybe they haven’t mastered the German language yet. Or maybe they were just too nervous to notice the signs, because they felt embarrassed about having to claim benefits in the first place?
Also… if you and you’re loved ones are healthy – as in lack of chronic or severe or even worse fatal disease: Be grateful! Appreciate it! Thank the Lord, if you’re so inclined. Seriously… I’ve had so much sad and bad news about people – extended family and friends of friends today.

Sorry, this turned into such a downer post! Here’s a quote, ehm, what the heck, some of my favourite Frank lyrics, to maybe lift your spirit a bit. [Listen to it here]

But when you’re out there floundering, like a lighthouse I will shine.
Be more kind, my friends, try to be more kind.
Like a beacon reaching out to you and yours from me and mine,
Be more kind, my friends, try to be more kind.
In a world that has decided that it’s going to lose its mind,
Be more kind, my friends, try to be more kind.

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