Travelling Fangirl, January 2019 – Day 4 & 5

And just like that, the weekend is over and I’m behind with my daily posts, because I was so busy. Tomorrow it’s back to work and a packed schedule, so this is real quick…

Sleep? I slept alright both nights, almost 7 hours in each. I’m quite knackered now though. Travelling is exhausting.

Coffee, Cake & Chocolate? Quite a lot of coffee to be honest. Bits of chocolate or rather cookies. Jaffa Cakes. Too much chocolate again at the airport today. No self control… Not to mention the crisps (also starts with C) I had with every meal today.

State of Health? Having seats for that last show did definitely help. I’m less physically exhausted and more just really tired.

Weirdest moment today? When I drove home from the airport this evening I got on the motorway and stayed in the (slower) right lane. And for a brief moment I was disconcerted, because it felt like I was in the wrong lane to drive at regular (slower) speed and that I need to switch to the left lane and let the other cars pass me by in the right lane. I didn’t even drive a car myself this time in the UK. Still…

First Times? Driving on the highest motorway in England on our way to Leeds yesterday. Having to put every single piece of electronics (even power banks) clearly visible on a tray at airport security today and also… take of the lid of empty bottles. And then they just waved me through the regular metal detector and didn’t even follow up with a closer body inspection. I could have hidden so many tiny dangerous things under my clothes, but, yeah sure, screen every bit of my luggage properly. OK, rant over. Today I also for the first time caught myself really noticing people wearing hats. Most of the time I thought… “Mmh, Frank wears his better”, which isn’t quite fair, because of course he does, it was custom made for him after all.

Show #2304? Ace. It’s definitely different from the seated area, but not in a bad way. I used that position for some more photos (in possible contradiction to my post about the first show) and those turned out quite well.

Favourite songs of that night? He did “One Foot” again and the full band version of “Glorious You”. Jazz hands!

Surprise of the night? To have Ben Morse suddenly pop up next to our seats. He is sneaky and quick, just like he has to be as gig photographer.

Reasons to smile? There were many, many reasons this weekend, but my favourite might have been each new photo of Frank still wearing the hat, my friend Amanda had organised the Hat Works Museum gave him, when he played there on Friday. He seems to really, really dig it, and I love that about him.

Been More Kind? Yeah, I think I have done alright most of the time.

Lyrics of the day(s)?

So come on now, if we all pulled together,
We could lift up the weight of the world from your shoulders,
Lift up the weight of the world from your shoulders,
Just for a moment or two,

Originally these words were written for Frank’s cousin. But when I heard them twice this weekend I realised, that in fact, they also very neatly sum up what going to a Frank Turner show does to me. And for me.

Onwards? 140 days until I can do that all over again. Without the travelling part as Frank will play in a venue only one hour drive away. Back to the office tomorrow. Ugh! I’m so not ready.

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