04.02.2019 | Staying Calm. Politics.

Sleep | Not enough. Not nearly enough.

Staying Calm | Earlier this evening I got quite mad at myself. Maybe for a reason. Most probably not. Just bad luck. Anyway I was in a really really bad an self depreciating mood. Close to tears, because that’s just how my vegetative nervous system seems to operate these days. Thank God I got over that quickly and realised it probably really was just bad luck. If it all. I’ll know tomorrow hopefully. I know this is incredibly cryptic, but that’s just how I feel ruft now. Blame my tired mind.

Coffee, Cake & Chocolate | Regular amount of coffee. No cake. Nor cookies. Possibly a bit too much chocolate, but I won’t beat myself up for that today.

State of Health | Still feeling icky. The sore throat moved from right to both sides to the left, so I hope it’ll move on away from me soon. This sucks.

Politics | Just like in work meetings I’ve started consciously noting the male / female ratio in council committee meetings I’m sitting in. Today: 19 members. 17 men. 2 women. One of them me, obviously. It’s hard to not despair a little sometimes.

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