25.02.2019 | Positivity

Less journaling my day – which usually is ordinarily uneventful – and more content driven. If a list of positive moments counts as content. But when work keeps feeling as overwhelming as it did last week, a little positivity might give some perspective.

Sleep | Not the glorious nine hours I had in each of the last two nights, but six were alright. As I had gone to bed quite knackered and thus early last night I had briefly considered getting up for the Oscars. Good thing that I changed my mind and slept till around 4. Shortly later my alarm would have gone off anyway. Restarting some work out routine (hopefully) while watching the 2nd half of the Oscars. Working out went quite well. Let’s ask my muscles tomorrow.

Olivia | Wasn’t that the most fabulous speech? I loved her so much for this and I can’t wait for the next season of The Crown. I was reminded that I still hadn’t watched “The Night Manager”, just like I still haven’t caught up with many other shows or movies. But… Positivity.

Podcast | This tweet says it all, I hope.

Spring | I didnt get outside during my lunch break today, but the walk back to my car was lovely. It was sunny and still light. Traffic wasn’t too bad either, which has nothing to do with spring though.

Sleep II | Off to bed soon, feeling wonderfully tired in my bones due to the work out this morning…

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