07.06.2019 | Sleeeeepy….

Let’s try this again….

Sleep | Not enough these past few days. Not nearly enough and it’s weird, because I actually slept a bit more than usual. But I’ve got so much going on at work and I worry too much and it’s wearing me down. I actually lay down for a nap when I got home after work, errands and a stop at my mum’s. Around 18:30! I didn’t fall asleep right away and realized if I would it really missed up my sleep cycle for the weekend. So I’m trying to go to bed early for real tonight so I can recharge a bit at least.

Coffee | I forgot to take my thermos with me for the drive to work. Maybe that’s why I’m so tired ;-) I had some at work, but by that time I felt like my exhaustion had already settled deep in my bones.

Work | Too many balls to juggle at the moment. At least that’s what it feels like. I feel like I’m always a few steps behind where I should be in each of the projects I’m working on. And that’s demotivating in a way. Maybe I’ll find some time (and willingness) this weekend to spend some thoughts on that dilemma and make a plan or a list. Or maybe I just will ignore work for the rest of the long weeekend. Monday is a public holiday here. Yay!

Plans | Instead of finally tackeling the chaotic mess that’s my apartement tomorrow, I’ll spend the whole day at a photography workshop and class and in the evening a multivision show about Scotland, Iceland and Norway, I think. That’s going to be pretty amazing. This will all take place at the Landscape Park in Duisburg, where NEXT week I’ll see Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls play at Traumzeit Festival. Finally again! It’s been too long.

Music | There are so many bands and artists I want to check out after I’ve heard / read so many raving reports from Lost Evening 3, among other things. Maybe I need to make a proper plan to do that. I’m listening to Loudon Wainwright III on Spotify at the moment and like him alright, but am not blown away yet. Maybe writing this here while I’m having the music on in the background is too distracting?

TV | I liked the 4th season of Lucifer, all in all. I don’t remember if I mentioned that here yet. And I’m glad they’ve got a 5th season to bring the story to an end. My go-to TV show at the moment is “Jane, the Virgin”, which is too unique to actually describe here. A high quality – “parody of telenovelas” – telenovela ? I have no idea. I really enjoy it, because it’s equally hilariously over the top but also sweet and warm and spot on about messy / loving family relationships. “Designated Survivor” started Season 3 on Netflix today and I started watching the first episode, but obviously wasn’t in the mood yet. I need fluffy, easy going telenovelas, it seems.

Books | It’s a similar thing with books at the moment. I’ve got a few interesting non-fiction books half-read on my table. I’ve got some more unread big novels on my shelf. They too seem intimidation to me, because most of them aren’t fluffy (contemporary) romances. That’s all my mind can digest at the moment though, so I returned to my Kindle and an old unread Loretta Chase “Isabella”. I like it so far and that’s all that matters, right? I just wish, all in all, my mind will reach a state of mind where I can enjoy something more complex as well.

Positivity | (random collections from the last few days) Being able to leave work after 4.5 hours today. Productive work meetings. Yael Grobglas in “Jane, the Virgin”. Three-day-weekend ahead. A new icecream parlour near my office.

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