18.07.2019 | Pre-Travel Fangirl

Let’s try this again. For the weekend at least…

Sleep | 6.5 hours per night this week. Which is almost an hour more than I usually get during the week. On the one hand it’s a sign that the stress (from work) is exhausting. But on the other hand it’s a sign I’m actually taking care of myself and go to bed at a somewhat reasonable time. Go Me!

Work | Is stressing me out a bit these days. The amount of projects with certain deadlines we’re working on at the moment. This week I’ve spent about 9 hours (plus lunch break) each day at work. Which means that with necessary everyday errands I’ve been out of the house for close to 12 hours. I’m not built for that. I need “Me Time”. The fact that I’m going to be in charge of some of those projects while supervisor and department head are off on their summer vacation are another thing stressing me out. And more stuff, I don’t want to go into here in public. Not necessarily bad stuff, just… stuff. Cryptic I know. That I often enough experience imposter syndrome doesn’t make it easier. I just hope that there won’t be too much new stuff coming in over the summer, so we can catch up with tasks and projects that fell sideways a bit over the busy first half of the year.

Ice cream | I know, I know, “eating my feelings” isn’t healthy ;-) But these ice cream sundaes are just too delicious. I really should cut down on those over the summer.

My Peak Challenge | Ugh. I honestly consider taking “Peaker” out of my Twitter profile. I’ve been so so lazy this year so far. I still haven’t figured out what keeps me from establishing some kind of workout routine. Maybe a less busy summer (at work) will make it easier for me to get back into a routine. Besides catching up on sleep.

Frank Turner Show(s) | I’m so looking forward to my next one on Saturday night. It’s a one-day-festival so they’ll only play about 70 minutes, but I’m determined to soak it all in regardless. Tomorrow at noon (my time) I need some good “ticket buying” vibes, when the regular sale for the UK tour (late November / early December) starts. They’ll play in small-ish seated theatres this time, so it might get tricky. I’ll try anyway, because… duh *g*!

Wiesbaden | A city I’ve never been to, but which is supposed to be quite lovely. So besides the gig on Saturday evening I’ll be spending some more time exploring. Luckily it’s going to be nice and sunny. Possibly too hot even. I just hope the potential thunderstorms on Saturday will pass by. I’ve packed enough books to read though. On the train ride. In my hotel room. In cafes, parks, wherever, if I’m too lazy to explore some more. Some time away will help to relax and recharge after the stressful week, I hope.  

Wizards Unite | I’m still quite hooked on that game to be honest. I don’t have a clear strategy or have read up on strategies, I just collect stuff and fight confoundables and in fortresses on my way to work or in the lunch break. Sometimes even from the desk at my office, because it’s located in a city centre and I’ve got a fortress right outside the window. Right now I still consider it a entertaining enough past time. Let’s see how long that will last.


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