21.07.2019 – Travelling Fangirl (Recap)

I’m an unrealiable Fangirl Blogger *sigh*, but I was either too busy or too tired the last two days. I was typing most of this up on the train on the way back home, with Frank Turner music on my iPod, volume turned up to almost painfully loud, because next to me on the train is a group of four middle aged women coming back from whatever trip together. They were in a good mood and very chatty. You get the idea…

Sleep | Not enough on the night before the trip (5:30 hours). Okayish on the first night (almost 8 hours, but rather restless) . Not enough after the show either, but I blame the adrenaline for that. Also possible the small beer I had in the late afternoon. Either way I woke up feeling run over by a truck. Ugh. Aspirin helped. At least I believe it did…

Coffee | Not more than usual on the first two days. Two large caramel macchiatos today though. (see above).

Steps | About 10.000 on Friday, 21.000 on Saturday, almost 6.400 today. My goal ist 8.000/day, so that’s been reached plenty on the weekend :-)

Wiesbaden | The city seemed quite lovely, at least the parts I saw yesterday and this morning. It was too hot to actually spend much time exploring on foot. But the parts of the city that I saw I liked. And all in all I was glad to just be somewhere else for a few days. It definitely helps to stop the hamster wheel of unnecessary thinking (also know as the monkey mind) from going around in circles…

New Music | Tim Vantol. I know, I know, I’m late to the party. Among the group who also loves Frank Turner at least. Tim has been on my “check him out” list for a long time now. He was the first act last night and I enjoyed his music a lot and he seemed like a very nice, down-to-earth guy in the short 20 minutes he was on stage. Right now I’m listening to him on Spotify and I’m pretty impressed and a bit mad at myself that it took my so long! I guess I’ll spend some more money on music tomorrow… [I also finally caved and signed up for a premium Spotify account to make it easier to check out new music in the way and order I want to. Wherever I want. I know, 21st century problem. And I’m still determined to still buy the music, maybe not always as real CDs, but at least pay for the offical mp3 download.]

Show #2370 | Frank and the Sleeping Souls played a ‘Greatest Hits’ set and they were – as always – great fun to watch and dance to. Cahir, who’s stepping in for a while, till Tarrant gets back from paternity leave, did a good job on the bass guitar. I admit it was a bit weird to see him in white shirt and not the usual roadie / tech outfit. During “Little Changes” Frank obviously had lots of fun demonstrating various “hand jives” alternative he asked the crowd to choose one from to perform during the song. To soothe his fragile teenage ego after horrible school disco experiences.

Unfortunately a few people in the audience – not the usual Frank crowd, but more of the all over festival folks, I assume – ignored Rule #1 and made my experience a bit less pleasant than a Frank gig usually is for me. But… I had fun enough singing and dancing along to my favourite band. I’m looking forward to a regular “just” Frank & the Sleeping Souls gig in August though.

Meeting other Frank fans | Most of the ones I know from standing next to them at the barrier at various previous tours were at the barrier this time as well. I couldn’t bring myself to join them this time, because I would have had to be there very early as it was a festival type show with lots of other acts. Doors at 4, first act on around 5:15. Frank and the Souls on at 9:50. So…. nope. I waved at some once I made it closer to the barrier before Frank and the Souls came on, but I didn’t last long in that spot as mentioned above. I spent the afternoon with yet another fan I had met on the German PS4NP tour 2016 and at various gigs after and that was lovely. Chatting, relaxing in the shadow. Sitting down for most of the time! :-)

There were even more fans at this show, who I knew via social media and/or have met before, but we somehow missed each other. Until I met some of them in my hotel breakfast room this morning, which was nice. The often instant rapport and easy going conversations, because these people most of the time are as crazy as I am about going to Frank gigs, is always a lovely moment to experience.

Surreal highlight of the weekend? Being introduced to some other fans by my name and them asking “Wait, are you SusanneD on Twitter and Instagram?” Woah! Yes, that’s me… I guess I’m something of an “Influencer” in the (European / German) Frank Turner community by now. I’m kidding. (….mostly *g*).

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