Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls, Show #2379

I haven’t written a real post about a Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls show in a while. But show #2379 in N├╝rnberg on Wednesday was a great one and it looks like it might have been my last typical “Frank & the Souls” show till spring or summer next year. Not because I won’t be going to any more shows. Far from it! But because the “No Man’s Land” Tour which will start in North America in October, has a slightly different format. All seated venues, first half with Frank solo playing NML songs and a second half with the Souls unplugged. So I thought a fun filled, fantastic regular full band, full set show deserves to be recognized here once more at least with sharing a few of my pictures.

More reasons which made this show a special one was that it was the first concert in a very long time my gig buddy joined me for a road trip again. It was also the a show where I was able to say Hello or even chat with a few people I haven’t seen in a long time or had only known via social media yet. *waves to Jasmin, Yvonne, Luisa and Claudia* *also waves to the regulars at the barrier* :-) I think in the future I need more time around a Frank Turner show to meet and chat with everyone I’ve met in my almost six years as a Travelling Fangirl and I can’t wait to hopefully have that time at Lost Evenings in Berlin next year. It’s such a nice feeling to be part of a bigger community, especially as I never thought it would turn out like this when I went to my first Frank gig almost six years ago.

Frank and the Souls played a great set and were in great form and the audience was singing and dancing and clapping and hand-jiving along very actively and loudly and it felt really good to be a part of that. It always feels good to be a part of that, the bigger community and all. But…Hey, it’s #notacult. ;-) It was lovely to see Tarrant back on stage after his short paternity leave! Of course this was used in one of Frank’s classic “make the audience do something or else…” moments. In this case Tarrant had only agreed to re-join the band if the audience promised to to jump up and down during ‘Polaroid Picture’. And if we didn’t, he’d walk right off stage again. One of my favourite moments to watch Frank on stage is always the beginning of “Little Changes” when he demonstrates the various hand jive movements he wants us to do and then doing them himself all through the song. I’m sure we in the audience looked pretty silly, but it was so much fun to watch and to do. What can I say? I love these guys.

About a dozen of us had stayed outside after the show in hopes of catching Frank and/or the band. Even though they all seemed pretty exhausted when they got out, Frank – kind and lovely as usual – took the time to chat and sign and pose for pictures. I was glad that he did, because all I wanted to do was to use this moment to give him my best wishes for the upcoming wedding! And I was able to, so this fangirl drove home happy. Till next time. Bexhill-on-the-Sea. The miles I travel for this band ;-)

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