20.09.2019 – Just Another Manic Tuesday…

Sleep | Almost 6 hours, which is always nice. It even could have been more, had not emergency sirens gone off the minute I went to bed. The ambulance / firefighters sirens were blaring even longer. But I managed to focus on the positive side: I was in bed safe and sound.

Dawdling | After the alarm went off this morning I stayed in bed quite some time, catching up on social media and such. One of my worst habits, but so hard to kick. Anyway, at some point I got up and after some more dawdling – in my mind at least – I did start my next…

MPC workout | I’m still working my way through the foundation program, but I’m determined to stick with it. And I feel accomplished once I’ve been through the whole set of exercises. I just wish I’d have an easier time to get myself motivated.

Meditate | Another thing I’ve come back to or at least tried do incorporate in my day is using the Calm App to meditate for about 10 minutes in the morning. It does help with my overthinking, worrying mind and I really need to keep that up for that reason alone. Hopefully putting it down here will make me for accountable.

Work | Busy again. A meeting that took longer than expected and changed the course of a project quite dramatically. Luckily I’m not in charge of that project, just involved in some way. The favourite project of my own, is also the one I should spend the least time on, which makes prioritizing quite hard for me. Then there are those unexpected task being delegated down to us, which takes up a lot of time, we hadn’t scheduled in and thus other important or favourite projects have to take a backseat for a while. At least it’s not boring in my job. In days like these I should look up all the many posts I wrote almost a decade ago, about my previous job where I was so frustrated by lack of things to do all day. Always a matter of perspective. I’m glad I’ve got this job and these colleagues, because we get along well and we find or take the time to chat about other stuff as well, which is lovely.

Coffee (& Sweets) | Just the regular amount. Too much sweets and snacks throughout the day though. Comfort food in a way. That’s also the reason I ended my long day with an ice cream sundae. Absolutely counterproductive to any MPC Workout activity possibly, but even though I need / should / want to loose weight, the main reason for working out is to get a bit fitter and in a better condition all around. The weight loss will follow, I think. And usually I watch what I eat :-)

Sleep (again) | My sleep pattern are a bit whacky at the moment, because I plan to go to bed in a short while. Once again. But I’m tired and I know that getting enough sleep is the easiest way to fix it, so I’ll be a reasonable adult today and head off to bed soon.

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