23.09.2019 | A Day From A – Z

#Coffee | Not enough it seems, because the night was or at least felt shorter than I needed it to be.

#Habits | One of these days I might write an extra post about all the ‘bad’ or at least not helpful habits of mine. But hopefully also find some good or positive habits as well. And how hard I often find it change from the less helpful one to a better one. Habits are hard to break, but that’s nothing new, is it? The fact that I started this bit with talking about ‘bad’ habits instead of just habits, is a good example of the less helpful habit of thinking of the bad stuff first. I’m working on it.

#Meditate | One of the good habits I want to incorporate into my day is to meditate on a more more regular basis. I know it’s good for me and thus you’d though it shouldn’t be so difficult to turn it into a daily habit. *sigh*

#Outlander | I’m very much enjoying the audio book of book 5 at the moment. I’ve read the book and listened to the audio version a few times in the last ten years, but…. it’s Outlander ;-) I seem to never quite get enough of it. And even though I should know the story by heart, I’ve still been a bit surprised – in a good way – to be reminded of all the new characters joining the story in this book / next season. I know they will have to condense some of the plot for the TV version, but some people are going to be important for the saga later on, so they can’t leave them out. At least I think they can’t. Or shouldn’t. Filming for season 5 is still going on, but I haven’t heard / seen anything about who is going to play Arch and Minerva Bug or the Beardsley twins and those are just the four people that come to my mind right now. There is another new ‘character’ who’s been featured in various Instagram Stories recently and even earlier in some Instagram posts and today I’ve finally also reached the part of the audio book where he shows up. I’m not a cat person, but I’ve always liked “Book Adso” and he’s going to be adorable on TV as well.

#Sleep | Not enough last night and it sucks to start a week like this. I’ll try to do better, i.e. go to bed earlier today. Talk about #habits, right?

#Work | I was in back to back meetings today, which was exhausting. But also very productive and we’ve taken a good first step in one of our current projects. Having to be constantly focused and not being able to have a real break is exhausting though. Hence the bit about #sleep :-)

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