A Few Things From A – Z

#Audio | For some reason I haven’t listened to a lot of music in the car lately. I tried a few podcasts – and there’s always ‘Tales from No Man’s Land’ on a Wednesday – but mainly I’ve been finally started to reacquaint myself with Outlander Book 5 via the audiobook to get a sense of the next season. There’s been some Grace Petrie – reacquaint myself with her music before the gig in about two weeks. Frank Turner also always helps when I need cheering up and often enough I did need that. 

#Car Trouble | A few days ago my car started to sound a bit weird while in motion. I was pretty clear it was something about the tires and my brother had a closer look today and confirmed it. Call to the garage tomorrow it will be. Hopefully it won’t be too expensive. I’m considering or rather am pretty determined to replace my current car next spring, so I hope I now don’t have to spend too much on it.

#Dawdle (aka procrastinate) | I’m doing too much of that recently. At home at least, maybe because work feels so overwhelming or because I’m in a bit of a funk. I know and see all the chores and little tasks I need to do or should do and I still can’t quite get myself motivated to do them. I know it’s a bad habit, but I haven’t quite found a way out of it, despite making plans and lists and… *sigh*. I think I might need a bit of a break – vacation wise – but I can’t seem to find the the time to take a few days off, because once again – work is so busy.

#Downton Abbey | I watched the movie on Friday and really enjoyed it. It was so nice to be back for a bit and see all those familiar faces. Lovely short time out for me and helped to take my mind off things. And today I’ve even started rewatching from the start or at least have it on while I do other stuff. 

#Echo Chamber | Last night I spent a lovely evening at a birthday dinner of one of my oldest friends. Most of the others at the table were her friends from uni and/or work, which means they all pretty much work in the same field, which is quite different from mine. I had a really nice time, but sometimes I felt a bit… out of place, maybe? Not through anything they said or did, but their views on some issues were (slightly) different from mine. Not enough to start a debate over as a) it’s been a friendly dinner and b) those different views are just as valid as mine. In a “checking in with myself” kind of way it was an interesting experience. I so quickly feel overly defensive of ms views or questioned in my views, which I know stems back to lack of self-esteem etc. . And I know I don’t have to be and I shouldn’t be thinking about this too much longer. Because just as I’ve said their different views are as valid as mine it goes both ways. Mine are as valid as theirs and I sometimes so easily forget that. I don’t know if there’s even a point to this part of this post. Besides that I could know include a Frank Turner lyrical quotes fitting for the various aspects of this whole paragraph and that’s why I love his songs so much.

#Gilmore Girls | My guilty pleasure at the moment. Well, in turns with Downton Abbey now possibly. I’m on my umpteenth rerun of Gilmore Girls, but it’s so nice because it’s familiar and comforting and easy to follow and doesn’t need too much of my attention. I can eat or read or do lots of other stuff while it’s on.

#Icecream | We had a lovely sunny day today (also already yesterday as well) and I spend most of the afternoon on my mum’s patio. Working. On work stuff, because… yes, I’m a broken record. But at least I also went and got icecream sundaes too for everyone who was around. The summer is winding down over here and with it the ice cream season in a way. It’s not the same to eat it inside instead of out in the sun, is it?

#MPC #MunroStepChallenge | I still haven’t managed any consistency in my workouts or the step challenge. I blame the busy state at work this week. And last week. And next week probably as well. Anyway I’m not starting over again and again, but picking up where I left of though. At least I’m doing something, right? In the Step Challenge I’m about 20.000 steps behind where I should be at this point in. Once again, at least I’m doing something, right?

#Sleep | I’m trying to get enough these days because I know I couldn’t function properly otherwise. It’s still not quite as much as I should get, I’m afraid, but a solid almost 7 hours is so much better than the barely six I often only get during the week in months before. I should head to bed soon after I’ve finished this.

#Work | So much to do. So much to think about. So much to talk about. So much to organise. So many balls to juggle and I’m constantly scared I’ll drop some. Or that I have already dropped some and haven’t noticed. Being insecure and often still full of self-doubt with a tendency to worry, is not a good state of mind when there is so much to do. But… on the upside: I still do like my job in general. I like the thematic area I work in and some projects are really interesting and kind of cool. Even though those are not the ones I should spend too much time on. This cool project will take me back to the UK for a few day the week after next and I still can’t quite get used to be able to say that.

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