02.01.2020 | Not The Easy Going Start

You all, who have been back at your office today like me and maybe had to write down / type today’s date: did you also always typed 02.02.2020 first and had to go back and edit? No? Just me then? OK…

Yesterday I wasn’t sure if someone I’m working with on a project had confirmed a meeting invitation I had sent them before I left for the Christmas vacation on Thursday 19th December. So I logged into my work mail from home yesterday to check and while skimming my mails to find their reply I saw one from our boss, sent on Friday 20th (last office day before the Christmas break) with a “urgent, please take care of this right away when you’re back on 2nd January”. I should add that most of my colleagues won’t be back until Monday. Neither will our boss, but this was something that needed to be done for someone else higher up the ranks, so of course it was urgent. Ugh!

I was glad I saw the mail before this morning so I could mentally prepare for having to dive right back in. I had so many plans to take it easy this week, sort through the stacks in my desk etc. I got through that urgent task alright, the meeting afterwards also went quite well, so work / productivity wise it was a good start into the year. I almost felt accomplished and the nagging voice in my head was only nagging very quietly.

I hadn’t slept all that well last night and the busy day is already taking it’s toll. Off to bed. With a book.

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