06.01.2020 | Change of Plans

I slept like crap last night. I have no idea why, because I didn’t feel too anxious or worried or didn’t have anything weighing heavily on my mind. I just didn’t fall asleep and no amount of coffee during the day could make up for it.

I had an – possibly weird and sad – idea for a blog post this afternoon, but then I went for my scheduled 20 minutes walk in the early evening after I picked up my prescription and thus meds. Scheduled as in one of the two options of Work Out during PeakStreak 2020. So I went around the block from my doctor’s office, so to speak. When I got back I was emergency’s blue lights flashing and police cars and fire services and ambulance. My first thought was, of course, HOLY SHIT! Because I had to walk past that scene back to my car. By now I’ve learned that nobody got hurt, which was a relief. When I got closer and walked across the square next to the emergency location, I saw that an ordinary bus had caught fire. In the middle of the street. Without having been in any kind of collision. Yeah, like I said: Holy Shit! It looked scary. 

After that I wasn’t in the mood to meet other people for a New Year’s meeting, because I wasn’t feeling very sociable. Nor chatty. 

I’ll keep the ‘possibly weird and sad – post for another day….

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