22.01.2020 | Half-Empty Glasses

We all know the phrase about how an optimist says a glass is half-full, whereas the pessimist says the glass is half-empty. I’ve been paying attention to my own perception of moments and actions and reactions and well life and… oh dear, do I experience my life as a counter of half-empty glasses. I knew and admitted often enough that I’m more of a pessimist and rather expect something to go wrong or myself to mess up and to fail than the positive opposite. But to pay conscious attention to it and realise how this clouds my view. All the time…. It’s a bit sad. And at the moment it feels like it takes up so much energy to keep drudging on and on despite feeling like everything is messed up and difficult and will be a disaster of alarming proportion. *sigh*

But maybe I’m just absolutely bloody knackered and my mind is clouded from that. It’s Wednesday evening. I’ve already clocked over 30 from the regular 39 hours/week with two more days to go. Friday will be a another longish day. That’s not how I wanted to start this year. But… at least most of the meeting today went well and felt productive and I feel like we are / I am getting somewhere in various of the many projects I have to juggle at the moment. Filling up these damn glasses a bit…. 

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