The Simple Kind of Stuff – 02/2020 + 03/2020

Last Sunday I was busy typing up my review of Operation Mincemeat. Most of this past week I’ve been busy with work and stuff. Often enough to busy to sit down and jot down the good stuff or to even remember it. Anyway, here are a few things from the last two busy weeks, mostly chronologically….

  • Being praised for good work. Twice.
  • A lovely birthday party for my favourite 5 year olds.
  • All went well with my travel to London. And in London as well in fact.
  • Two great Women of London walking tours.
  • Operation Mincemeat! So so so good. And so lovely people!
  • Yummy food.
  • Being able to catch some good photos (I think, at least) of the Illuminated River
  • “Red, White & Royal Blue”. Surprisingly cute and entertaining.
  • I finally sorted through some of my random junk shelves / drawers. A lot of stuff to get rid of and one surprising find….
  • A quick and lovely reply to a mail I felt the urge to send.
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