31.01.2020 | Travelling Fangirl, Amsterdam 2020 (Part I)

It’s time for one of those posts again. Finally. I made it safe and sound to Amsterdam yesterday, where the central station and their access policy is something to get used to. But that’s ok. I haven’t gotten a good sense of the city yet, how it’s laid out and all. I strolled around a bit yesterday, but so far it still felt a lot like any other bigger European city with lots of shops and stuff. I hope to get a better view today.  

Sleep | 7:30 hours. Which was ok. I had to drop my mum of at the doctor’s before I went off to the train station, so I needed to be out and about earlier than I usually would have needed to, but that was still  not too early. About 7 hours on this first night in Amsterdam. I was up way earlier than I had hoped for, but I’ll manage. I hope. 

Coffee, Cake & Chocolate | I didn’t want to go through the whole coffee making process at home, so I just one large Latte Macchiato to go yesterday. For some reason I didn’t manage to top that one up all day.  This morning so far I had too small cups of hotel cappucchino, which were allright. I might need to get some more later in the day though. I had some real, handmade (almost from scratch) stroopwafel today and that was so so good. 

Surprises | A huge Waterstones in Amsterdam. “Home of English Language Books.” I felt like I’ve come home, which is so weird, because I’m German! Anyway, of course I went in. Of course I bought some books *headdesk*

Weirdest moment | I knew about the redlight district and the prostitutes, but it still threw me off, when I was strolling around Nieuw Kerk, looked from left to right and all of a sudden there they were. Women in their underwear, smiling, behind a glass window. So freaking weird!  

Van Gogh | Once I’ve realized where the entrance to the museum was (seriously, that needs some better signage!) this was a lovely visit. I opted for the Highlights tour on my audio guide and that was more than enough for a first trip, I think. I don’t know much about Van Gogh, but it definitely was interesting to see his development and variety. Small pet peeve: There is a no photography sign when you enter the collection. How hard is it to assume that this also mean not taking photos with your phone. Which is does mean, of course as also spelled out on the website. But I guess many folks don’t read the “Dos & Don’ts” on a website before visit. Ugh! I know I take a lot of pictures elsewhere too, but in this case… Why not by a postcard of the artwork, which might just have a nicer quality to it than a photo in a sometimes not too well lit room with the reflection of other people in the painting protective glass.

In the elevator I saw a reference to a painting not on the highlight tour. A seascape painting which looked lovely, so I went up there as well. I left the museum, with postcards, bookmark and a mug of said painting. The sea & me are a never-ending lovestory :-)

Been more kind? | I hope so. I  wasn’t snarky or bitchy about the 10 guys on a stag do trip  who were on my train carriage yesterday. All the way to Amsterdam. With lots of beers and booze and happy chatting from 11 in the morning on. 

Level of excitement | Weirdly, not all that high yet. I know that there will be a Frank Turner gig tonight. It just doesn’t feel like it yet. Weird, eh? 

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