08.03.2020 | (Bad) Habits and Stuff

Come on now Josephine,
Give me what I need.
I don’t like to be needy but needs must,
I can’t stand being the person that I’ve been.

(Josephine ~ Frank Turner, 2015)

The fact that a) a different Frank Turner stuck in my mind recently and originally made me want to write about it and b) that I never got around to do it and instead dawdled my time away with insignificant random stuff says a lot about me. I guess. I’m working on it. Bit by bit, but it’s still an uphill struggle most of the days to stay focused and not let myself get distracted too much by random stuff.

I only got half or not even half of the things done I had wanted to do this weekend. Besides my utter ineptitude to stay focused I can also blame local politics, which keep me busy at the moment. Or at least keep my mind busy, because there is quite a bit of drama going on and that stresses me out and yeah. No fun. Fitting for International Women’s Day this afternoon a bunch of women from the various parties got together to work things out, because there is too much drama when the men do it! In our case anyway. 

Work keeps me busy during the week as well, we’ve been planning a big event for the end of March for a while now and it needed more preparation than expected and it all took longer and as of Friday we don’t know if we’re actually going through with it all. Corona Virus and such. All that has been stressing me out subconsciously as well, I think. I’m a worrier. I can’t help it. I really can’t stand the person that I’ve been in that regard at the moment. 

This is a very random downer post today. Sorry. Funny (or something) fangirl moment from the visit to the Lighting Art Installation in caves near by. Of course I started humming “Josephine”, a Frank Turner song, when I entered the one section celebrating Beethoven….

I’m a defeated commander, I’m a half-deaf composer,
I’m a strange name whispered in a dream.

 I have it so bad for Frank. I can’t help it. Six more days till my next gig. Corona Virus be damned! I say that now ;-).  I did make tiny adjustments to my travel plans though, maybe overly cautious, but it can’t hurt. Like switching seats on the train to Brussels from regular coach to a compartment to have a closed door from all the people walking through the coach looking for their seat / going to the toilet etc. Making sure to bring enough tissues and have them ready to use to open toilet stall doors. Pack some antiseptic spray and all that. I don’t want to give into the hysteria, but like mentioned above. I’m a worrier….    

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