02.04.2020 | Not As Messed Up…

You’re not as messed up as you think you are:
Your self-absorption makes you messier.
Just settle down and you will feel a whole lot better.
Deep down you’re just like everybody else.
(Reasons Not To Be An Idiot ~ Frank Turner, 2008)

I got up this morning, determined to get a MPC workout in before breakfast and some work stuff. I directly put on my workout clothes. But then I thought that maybe early morning might be a good time for my 2nd supermarket trip. Yeah, I never said my dawdling was logical… Anyway, I changed out of my workout clothes into my regular going out clothes  (love Ben’s distinction between soft and hard pants, by the way) and after a quick stop at my mum’s to inquire if she needs anything, went shopping. Good idea, as it wasn’t too crowded so I was done fast. 

If I needed proof, that we all seem to live in our filter bubble and read or follow different information, I saw it on this trip. Or rather not saw it. While mostly everyone was good with the 2 metre distance, I hardly saw anyone wearing any kind of nose / mouth cover. I did wear one. Not a mask, but one of my Buff’s (multi-functional head/neck gear) pulled up and I think that’s better than nothing. Among the about 20 customers I saw in the store with me, only one other was wearing a proper mask and another one had pulled up her scarf to cover nose and mouth. The rest went about their shopping without it. And in a way I get it: there has been conflicting information and yes, it doesn’t protect you from getting the virus. But it’s been all over the news by now that at least it protects others from your potentially virus infested droplets of …. whatever. Or hasn’t it? Have people tuned out? Is it too much of a hassle to pull the scarf – you’re wearing anyway because it’s still freezing in the morning – up to cover your nose and mouth? Or do they think it won’t help anyway? Yes it might not, but it definitely can’t do any harm to cover your nose and mouth. Can it? *sigh*

Anyway, I put my workout clothes back on when I got home and didn’t put the mat etc away as I was determined to do a workout today. Spoiler alert: I did. But it took me a pathetically long time to actually start it. I was busy with work (yay, because that’s distracting me from anxious thoughts) for most of the day. And around 5 I thought, it’s no use anymore to work out now and finally started changing out of my workout clothes. And then I caught myself and thought: “Just get the fuck over yourself!” Or something like that. Anyway, I started over with MPC Month 1 Day 1 and I … liked it? If that’s the right term for ending up with tired legs and arms. But it’s a good tired and I felt very accomplished and all that. I also had pizza later though, so the whole healthy eating part of MPC hasn’t quite settled in yet :-) 

As mentioned above I was rather busy for work today, which is unusual but also good. Tied up a few loose ends about the PR task from yesterday. Got an urgent “please look at THIS ASAP” mail. A phone call about another project with my supervisor. A longer phone call from my boss about that “ASAP” mail. Lunch break and then some more time working on a long overdue project. I felt rather accomplished for the first time in days and that felt nice. So nice that I wanted to reward myself with “not working out”. But… I did. So yay me! 

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