20.04.2020 | Midday Ramblings II

Because broken people can get better, if they really want to,
Or at least that’s what I have to tell myself if I am hoping to survive.
(Recovery ~ Frank Turner, 2013)

Yep, that view – above this post – is part of the view from my livingroom / office window at the moment. While I type this an excavator has started taken pieces out of the wall! Argh! So, you can see lockdown and vacation at home hasn’t been all that much fun and/or relaxing last week. I’m back “at work” this morning, sitting here at my desk at home watching an excavtor arm swing over that wall and even though I know it’s too far away to hit the building I’m in, it’s kind of weird. I might have to close the blinds to not get too worried about every freaking move of the machinery outside my window.

I’ve moved slowly into work mode this morning so far. Caught up on my mails, dealt with bits and bobs of various projects. Hopefully after lunch I’ll manage a more structured approach for the afternoon. A solid and comprehensive To-Do-List and all that.

The weekend was kind of uneventful. Surprise! Lockdown after all. On Friday afternoon after my last post Frank Turner officially cancelled the “Lost Evenings” Festival, which was expected, but still a bummer. Felix Hagan did an amazing Disney Friday, which helped to get my mind of things. I talked to a few friends on the phone or via video chat over the weekend, I was rather consistent with working out. Still had too many snacks and chocolate as well, but at least I’m doing something.

I managed to stay off my phone a bit more and instead read more. I bought a new ebook reader, even though my Kindle was still working fine. But I wanted to finally take another step to get out of Amazon’s clutches a bit more and I had the money and I wanted to do something nice for myself. I’ve switched to “tolino” now and I like it alright. It’s a bit of a change from the Kindle, but nothing my brain can’t handle. Today I’ve also got the first of two book deliveries, because paper books are still my favourite choice to read by now.

Besides that I managed to get a few more (tiny) tasks off my on going “Stuff to take care of asap / at some point” list. Among other things: Finally sort / clean out my bathroom cabinet. Holy shit, there was a lot of old makeup / skin care products / medicine of all kinds. I threw most of it out and now have so much space again to fill it with… more bathroom stuff junk for the next decade :-). It’s been just a tiny task, but it still made me feel accomplished. It’s the little things these days, you know? Of course you do know, we’re all stuck in this same mess together.

*(Virtual) Hugs all around* except for these idiots out there protesting the lockdown. Ugh! I can’t even begin to state what I think about those and I don’t want to spend any time talking about them either.

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