28.04.2020 | Day 50 (I think)

Seems like I might not have properly uploaded this from my phone two days ago? Anyway here it is

[Too tired to find an adequate song lyric for this one…]

It’s after 10.30 at night. I’m typing this in bed on my phone, ready to turn off the lights and go to bed. I had actually felt ready to go to bed 2.5 hours ago, but you know how it goes. Watch this funny Insta Live. Reply to urgent messages from fellow Greens. Be happy about a rather prompt reply from someone else. See an ad on Instagram about a LEGO London Skyline and think “Why the fuck not?” and order it. My apartment still needs a deep spring clean and some sorting out, but hey let’s get some more tiny pieces in.

I seem to be dealing with the whole situation a tiny, tiny bit better than in previous weeks, even though people seem to be getting on my nerves more quickly. Maybe because I’m more of a hermit these days? My internet / phone was down from last evening to sometime today, so I spent the day in Bro2’s house and used his WiFi for work. A bit weird to work from home but not really from home. I don’t know if that stressed me out more than usual and the reason I was and still am knackered?

Maybe it’s my worrying about an important phone conference I have to manage tomorrow? I don’t feel too stressed about it. Which in typical me fashion now freaks me out a bit.

Another reason to now try and get a decent amount of sleep now before the demolition work next door ends my night in 8.5 hours.

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