17.05.2020 | Still Around…

Lately, I’ve been feeling kind of fragile.
Lately, I’ve been feeling all worn out.
(Faithful Son ~ Frank Turner, 2009)

Just a quick check in post. Life around here is the usual kind of weird. Having felt somewhat focused for work this week. Building LEGO. Not doing much else. I’ve got a lot on my mind which I can’t really put into words yet.

Yesterday I ventured out for a bit of a walk in an area about 20 minutes drive away. It was nice, a few more people around than I somehow expected. None were acting irresponsibly or at least not in a way that really worried me. But I still felt a bit uneasy to be around them or pass them on a path. And that threw me off quite a bit. I’m afraid I’m slowly turning into a paranoid agrophobic and I really, really don’t like that.

Tomorrow will be another test in the regard. I’ll be in the office in the afternoon, because I need to sign some formal documents and a colleague asked for a face to face meeting to introduce a new member of their team. We’ll do it all according to the regulations and all, but still. After that our hairdresser will come by to cut mine and my mum’s hair. All also according to the regulations. I still believe I’ll be glad, when I’m back home alone in my flat / hermitage in the evening.

What else is up?

Too many people are posting Lost Evenings 3 memories at the moment. I get why, but it’s making me all incredible sad about the cancelled Lost Evenings 4 next week.

I’ve started reading Julie Caplin’s “Romantic Escape” series. Just what I need at the moment.

Felix Hagan is still slaying it with his live streams every Friday Evening. Seriously guys, check him out. To cheer myself up I decided to splurge and pick him up on the “Any Song You Like!” offer. We’ve exchanged mails and now I’m really curious how he’s doing to rework the song I asked him for. More in due time….

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