07.06. 2020 | It Comes In Waves – IV

What to say in my defence? I was imperfect, tense.
I used to have such balance, but I don’t know where it went.
So won’t you be my present sense?
(Imperfect Tense ~ Frank Turner, 2008)

Too much… Procrastination. Self-Doubt. Worry. Restlessness. Junk-Food. Confusion. Despair about the state of the world.

Not enough… Confidence. Real Live Music. Sea. Hugs. Blog ideas.

I really want to use this space here for… something more, but I haven’t figured out for what kind of content yet. Just felt like I should check in every once in a while.

I really don’t have much to say at the moment. I try to listen and learn about centuries of racism in this world. How to change my own thinking and doing.

I worry about COVID outbreaks among the protesters. I don’t want to dismiss any of the protests, they are overdue, valid and necessary. But I worry.

I need more time off from the news cycle and all the bad news and I spend the time off with easy going / mindless TV or novels. I know being able to ignore the world for a while, is a privilege and a luxury. Then I feel guilty about that too.

I had a wonderful day by the beach on Friday. Time off and time away. Yesterday and today felt like the opposite, I was just sitting home, feeling a bit sorry for myself and worrying about probably insignificant things.

It seems I’m a bit of mess once again. It really does come in waves…

Lots of whiny Me Me Me content here. My next post will be more interesting, I promise.

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