19.06.2020 | Miscellaneous

This is sort of a proxy of post, because I don’t have time to write a real one before Felix Friday starts in 20 minutes. After I need to calm down from the happy adrenaline of a Felix gig and then go to bed. I’m absolutely knackered. According to my wearable my stress level has been through the roof all week. Some of this can be explained by making decisions at work, where I have returned to the office for the whole of this week. Next week I’ll be there for half of the days. There also were long committee and council meetings after work. Quite a bit seems to be a general, underlying, low to mid level…. I don’t want to call it anxiety. But some insecurities about everything and maybe a touch of uneasiness. I don’t know.

I’ve seen and talked regularly to so many more people than in the 3 months before. Maybe that’s taking toll on me as well, as much as I’ve enjoyed it.

Anyway, off to watch Felix now

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