Thoughts On Songs & Other Things

The absolute Fangirl Post (and it’s all still valid three years on): 

The Many Ways In Which Frank Turner Has Changed My Life (August 2017)

Thoughts on Frank’s Songwriting

Craft. Content. Creativity. (December 2018)
Rhythm, Rhyme & More (March 2018)

Some blog posts about various Frank Turner songs…

I Believed You William Blake
Be More Kind
Sailor’s Boots
Imperfect Tense

and all the Frank Turner albums:

No Man’s Land (2019)
Be More Kind (2018)
Songbook (2017)
Positive Songs For Negative People (2015)
Tape Deck Heart (2013)
England Keep My Bones (2011)
Poetry of the Deed (2009)
Love, Ire & Song (2008)
Sleep Is For The Week (2007)