Grey's Anatomy 5.03 – "Here Comes the Flood"

Ok, I watched the episode again now with a bit of fast forwarding through the flood scenes.
But I still have to say, most of whole hospital scenes (patients and the medical stories) left me strangely unimpressed. I was touched by the cancer-girl, but didn’t care much about the two guys. Once I let go of the ridiculousness of the flood storyline the episode wasn’t so bad. Like I said yesterday the character insight made up for it. So I’ll try not to write too much about how ridiculous that flood seemed to me, but… seriously? A heavily leaking pipe on the surgical floor and the chief of surgery orders maintanance to “just work around it” and still plans to keep the surgical floor running? Even after the first (minor) accident with Alex’ patient? Seriously? I would never ever set one foot into a hospital where the one in charge does care so little about patients’ (and employees) safety and well being? Not to mention the expensive equipment like the CT machine? There have been unbelievable storylines on Grey’s before, but I had a really hard time with this one. To me it was one of the lamest idea ever. If it would have happened with a BANG, like a real big flood or something, my opinion could be different, but this way… Nah.

I liked the new teaching protocol thing, but besides that I found the chief really annoying in this episode. I also found it difficult to like George, I wish he would just stop acting like a lost and hurt puppy. Has he always been THIS insecure and nervous? Ok, he was in the beginning, but I thought we were way past that.I didn’t mind Callie and Erica much, but I’m not sure if this couple will ever matter much to me . I’m happy Callie is still friends with Mark though. Mark was really great in this epsiode, with Hahn and Callie and especially with Lexie. I sooooo sense some special vibes there.

Bailey teaching with enthusiasm was great and it was hard to see how the chief ignored her. Stupid chief! I really had fun watching Meredith, Alex and the rest in the cafeteria, it felt a bit like the good old times. “Dude, a Lexiepedia” was hilarious. I liked Alex a lot in this epsiode. Even when he doesn’t admit it, he IS a good guy deep inside. The way he took care of his patient shows that he has definitely grown as a person and a doctor over the years. Patient care and all. The way he looked at Izzie when he talked to his patient about “the possibility of something to look forward to” made my Alex/Izzie shipper heart very happy. And of course his “Hello” in the end. *sigh* I’m glad that the Izzie I grew to love over the first few seasons is finally back. But she really should have made her intentions clearer when she gave Cristina that flyer :-)

Cristina finally learned a bit about teaching (and interacting normally with her coworkers) and even showed some empathy. Impressive. I LOVED that Dr. Wyatt finally touched that subject of Cristinas personal fears and insecurities. I agree with her assessment, that Cristina is afraid of losing her only companion in “the dark place”, since Meredith obviously switched over to the “bright and shiny and happy place”. Which of course isn’t so bright and shiny all the time like Dr. Wyatt pointed out to Meredith in the elevator.

I was a bit disappointed we didn’t get more Mer/Der scenes and Derek annoyed me in the beginning too. I guess, that’s because I always want to see him as the perfect McDreamy which he actually isn’t. He’s got his flaws and just assuming that Meredith wants the same thing he does and that she thinks the way he does without talking to her just once about it, is one of them. And I don’t like that flaw. He gave up his point so easily when he realized that Meredith isn’t ready yet, that I’m asking myself how someone so understanding can still be so dense (and assuming) sometimes? Shouldn’t he have known that fro the start?

I totally loved Meredith in this episode. She tried so hard to embrace the happiness and wanted to act all grown-up and reasonable about her relationship and the moving in and all. I’m glad she realized that the most reasonable thing especially in relationships is to talk about stuff. And to express her objections. She really was afraid that Derek might end the relationship if she objects his plans and that speaks volume about how much therapy she still needs. But I can relate to that lack of self-esteem pretty well. I guess that’s why I’m so jealous that she got her flawed McDreamy :-)

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