364 days in the West Wing

On this weekend a year ago I started watching “The West Wing”. I was all kinds of busy during most of this summer (well actually from May to October or something) so I took a quite long hiatus, but I was busy watching the show during the last few weeks. I know it’s a bit crazy to want to finish watching a DVD box on a certain date, but I’m crazy like that sometimes. Does it surprise anyone that I’d love to start watching it all over again from the start?

It’s been such enjoyable and entertaining experience and I won’t even try to pin down what I liked most about it, because it would probably turn into a loooong list of various things. It was so so well written with great storylines, real (lovable and flawed) characters and witty and brilliant dialogues. It was such a ride to accompany CJ, Josh, Leo, Donna, Toby, Charlie and the many, many more through these years and to see them grow and evolve and learn and just be great great characters.
I shed quite some tears during the last few episodes, starting on Election Day (Part 2) and of course in the last two episodes, when the Bartlet years in the White House so noticably come to end. To see them all pack up the stuff in boxes and make room for a whole new staff… It was just sad to see, even though it’s such a natural course of a work life, especially in this profession. To me the most moving moment from the finale was after the Inaugaration, when Jed Bartlet said goodbye to his successor Matt Santos with the words: “Make me proud, Mr. President”. *sigh* There were so many great and moving moments in these last two episodes, CJ and Danny, CJ and Toby and I’m tempted to quote some of the most memorable moments, but than we’d be back to the loooooong list, so I’ll refrain from doing that.

Definitely one of the best TV shows of this last decade. To me probably even THE best. I clearly (and dearly) love my “Grey’s Anatomy” but you just can’t compare these two shows. Not at all.

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