17.03.2019 | Lazy Weekend Thoughts

Time for another day (weekend) in the life post. Maybe…

Sleep | I went to bed early-ish on Friday, but didn’t sleep too well. I felt too hot under my winter duvet so after some time turning restlessly from left to right, I took it out of the cover and used the cover as blanket alone. Next time I woke up I was feeling too cold, so I got a fleece blanket out of the closet. Slept kind of okay after. Last night I slept alright with just the fleece blanket, but woke up around 5:30 with too many things on my mind. Worries about the upcoming (work… argh!) trip to Manchester. Worries about what I still all need to get done at the office tomorrow. Worries if all the travel will go as planned. I ended up getting up around 7 and driving to the station I’m leaving from to check if I can really park my car there for free for a few days. Of course I can. I’m slightly OCD sometimes. I stopped at the bakery on my way home though, so at least the trip wasn’t all in vain.

Fangirling | I spent the morning / noon watching British Sunday TV for three hours because Frank Turner was a guest on Sunday Brunch to present his new book. I’m so glad I kept busy with other stuff throughout, because that’s a weird show. It’s a mixture of interviews and cooking and it all felt so disjointed and random. It gave Frank and the book some good exposure, I hope and it wasn’t as bad as some of the German Sunday TV shows, so I’m really not one to judge ;-) It also was Frank on my telly (sort of), which is always nice. 33 hours until I get on a train here in Germany. Less than 48 hours until I see Frank on a stage again. In Manchester. While I’m there on a business trip. I’m such a privileged fangirl. 

TV Shows | I haven’t watched a lot of TV lately. I binged Umbrella Academy last weekend and loved it. I was tempted to watch it all over again, but then I thought I should give some other new shows or shows in my Netflix queue a chance. For some reason I can’t really get into Queer Eye season 2. Even in the first season I knew some of the events were staged and for camera only, that’s the nature of these shows. I didn’t mind it all that much then, but it’s really turning me off in S2 now. I’ve started watching “Turn Up Charlie” and even 4 episodes in feel very ambivalent about it. I like Charlie (Idris Elba) and his aunt and his friend and the girl who’s playing Gabrielle. But her parents are getting on my nerves very quickly. I have no idea if they are supposed to be cute/funny in their busy rock star / movie star lives, but most of the time I think they are crappy, selfish, irresponsible parents. But it’s set in London and I like seeing familiar places, so I might watch a few more episodes. I’m finally back at watching “Please Like Me”. I had stopped for a bit in Season 2, but now I’m back and I love it. They are all so adorably dysfunctional as a family and group of friends. But still very likable. I also have to watch a documentary as “homework” for the work trip, but I’ve realized I can download it on Netflix. So I guess that’s what I’m watching on the long way to Manchester…

Books | I’ve still got a few unfinished books on my shelf plus at least a dozen I haven’t even started yet. The last two books I’ve read were a bit of a let down, so I took a break from reading, it seemed. I’ve started a YA romance (? or maybe just friendship) novel yesterday and I really enjoyed it so far. “Field Notes On Love”, by Jennifer E. Smith and it’s about a week long train journey from New York to California. I stopped myself from reading too much yet, because I thought it might be fitting to read it on the long train journey to Manchester :-) I’m also going to pick up two books at the Waterstones in St. Pancras train station in London when I’m passing through on Tuesday. It would have taken my regular German bookstore 2 weeks or more to get those for me and I thought, why not check if Waterstones has them and they do and I could order them to collect. Feeling like a proper international business woman.

My Peak Challenge | I’m still way behind with any workout plans and I probably will only get through the Foundation Programme until the big My Peak Challenge Event in early May. I admit I’m a bit disappointed in myself, but I’ve got so many other things on my mind and it all feels a bit overwhelming and I still haven’t figured out the best time for me to incorporate working out into my daily routine. But… one step at a time. I should really cut back on the chocolate and sweets and carbs, but that’s not easy for me to do. I’m not gaining weight again, that’s something at least. One step at a time. I’ve decided which hikes I want to do while I’m on vacation in Scotland in May, so I really need to find the time to do some more hiking on the weekend here to train a bit that way. The weather needs to get better for me to do that. And yes, I know it might still rain in Scotland, but I don’t need to train in that as well :-)

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