First Thoughts on Grey's (spoilerfree)

There will be a loooong review of the Grey’s season finale sometime over the weekend. Maybe even tonight, but I’m not sure.

I actually liked it a lot. Well, the second part more than the first. I have to admit that there were moments when I wished that Izzie would finally die, because seriously, this turned more and more into Steven’s Anatomy. Does that make me a bad person? I don’t actually dislike Izzie, but she has been the centre of the show for so long now, even though it’s not her show!

I love/hate these two cliffhangers. I hate them, because they are cliffhangers, but I love them because it was a brilliant idea to write it this way. The whole not-Izzie-related cliffhanger was shocking, because even the spoilerwhore that I am didn’t read about it in advance. Or maybe I just missed it. I somewhere read something about that even being mentioned in the pressrelease, but I obviously totally missed that. Anyway, it was a rollercoaster and I actually like it when Shonda puts me onto one. I’d prefer a little less Izzie in the future though.

And I know I might be in the minority among MerDer fans, but I really had no problems whatsoever with the Post-It. It was adorable and cute. And I don’t care if they change it anytime soon. Or wait until the seasonfinale of final season 7. This scene made me so so happy and that’s all that matters to me.

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