How can the weekend already be over?

Damn! I lost a trollbead I had just purchased this afternoon. (special shopping sunday in my town today). I didn’t put the bead on my bracelet right away, but just put the small paperbag with the trollbead into my bag. And somewhere along the way home in one of the other shops where I took my wallet out of my bag the paperbag must have fallen out, because it wasn’t in my bag, when I got home. I will check the stores tomorrow afternoon , but I don’t have much hope that I will get back the paperbag. It might also have fallen out when I took out some letters I posted at the mailbox. Damn!

How can it already be Sunday evening again? Oh, well… vacation planning and catching up with TV shows can do that to you :-) Add some hours to prepare for the debate of the municipal budget in the various committees and it’s no wonder it’s already Sunday evening. I didn’t get anything done on the paper (should I be surprised?) and am not sure when I will really find the time to work on it for more than a few minutes every day.
I was quite successful in some other regard though. We’ve managed to book all but two lodgings for our Indian Summer roadtrip in the fall. I don’t know how many hours I spent wih searching for suitable accomodations, inquiring about free rooms and booking those during the last few days. It probably was about time, we booked those rooms, because in some smaller towns it was already difficult to find a place for four women to stay overnight. At least a place we can afford. But now we’re almost all set and can get to even nicer part and work on some details of the route itself. Where to stop and what detour to take for an amazing view or something. That part of planning is fun!

With all the Indian Summer vacation planning I almost forgot about my London trip in April. I had booked the train and hotel months ago, but didn’t really spend any more thought on what I actually want to visit or watch while I’m in town. I only heard glowing reviews from my friends after they saw “Private Lives” which is running till May 1st, so I got a ticket for that play and while I was at it I also got a ticket for the Comedy Store Players. I saw them last year at the Open Air Theatre in Regent’s Park and had such a blast. They are really really really funny! I’m planning to visit the British Museum (not just the court) and the Museum of Natural History. Not sure about any art museum yet. Or one of the palaces… mmh. I really have to give it some more thought.

But not today, because tonight I really want to finish watching “White Collar”. I’ve got three more episodes left and have managed to stay spoiler-free, even though I follow the show and the writer on twitter. The show is so much fun to watch an it has all the things I love about a good TV show. Unique setting and story, interesting criminal cases in each episodes, great characters and wonderfully witty dialogues. All in all it’s just a really well written show and those are hard to come by nowadays.

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