Outlander Chronicles 2013, Day 031

Outlander Chronicles 2013
Day 025 Р031 | Audiobook: Dragonfly in Amber, Part Two: The Pretenders, Le Havre, France, February 1744 (Chapter 06 Р17) 

listened to between 08 February around 21:00 and 15 February 6:55 | while driving about 570 kilometres in my car (on the usual trips: work, shopping, doctors office, university library) and walking about 11 kilometres during my lunch breaks and on Sunday morning

Number of times Jamie is adorable: 6
Reluctant to have sex because he’s afraid he might hurt the unborn baby | Being an adorable drunk | Being shocked when Claire had her armpits and legs waxed | introducing Fergus while feeling up Claire | Introducing himself to Bouton | Explaining the scratches (and more) on his body after being out with Charles Stuart

A random moment worth remembering

“It was Jamie on whom her gaze lingered. Well, he was impressive, I had to admit, standing dripping in the torchlight with his clothes plastered to his body. That didn’t mean I liked her doing it.
He peeled his wet shirt off and dropped it in a sodden heap. He looked even better without.”

[From “Dragonfly in Amber” by Diana Gabaldon, Copyright¬© 1992 by Diana Gabaldon. All rights reserved.]


Number of new (important) people we’re introduced to: 9
in order of appearance: Jared Munro Fraser | Comte St. Germain | King Louis of France | Master Raymond | Charles Stuart aka Bonne Prince Charlie | Louise de La Tour | Alexander Randall | Mary Hawkins | Mother Hildegard | Fergus

I didn’t remember that Jared was a distant cousin of Murtagh.

I definitely plan to read the novella “The Space Between” soon again, because it deals not only with Michael Murray and Marsali’s sister Joan as a novice in Paris, but more importantly with the Comte St Germain and Master Raymond and I just love that whole epic fictional universe Diana Gabaldon has created where everyone may pop up somewhere again sooner or later. Not necessarily in the main story of Outlander, but in these novellas at least. With St. Germain and Raymond fresh in my mind I really really want to read this new story again, but I guess I’ll wait till I’ll have finished listening to “Dragonfly”, because then I will have refreshed my memory of all things St. Germain and Raymond related.

Introducing Alex Randall definitely had the “OMG it can’t be” effect, when I read it for the first time. I was so naive back then and had no idea what more was to come :-)

And Fergus finally is part of the story. Yay! He is one of my favourite characters in the Outlander universe and I remember being thrilled to see him still part of Jamie’s life 20 years later in book 3. I haven’t read or listened to Dragonfly for a long time but now I recognize so much of Germain in young Fergus or vice versa and it’s just nice to see. Like father like son. Claire thinking of how Fergus might be losing his hand while working for Jamie was kind of spooky, at least now in hindsight.

Some more random thoughts
So, 18 year old Jamie had lived with his cousin Jared in Paris. Which also finally fully answers my question about what Jamie did between leaving Castle Leoch at 16 and being taken by the English when he was 19 :-)

I liked the “to his Majesty, over the water”, because it’s a neat idea for a secret code or whatever you want to call it.

For the next part I might want to count the number of maritial fights between Mr and Mrs Fraser ;-)

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