Scotland in August 2013, Day 05 (Plus a Bit of Outlander)

I’ve picked up the Outlander audiobooks again a few days ago to get on with my Outlander chronicles 2013. I used to listen to it in my car on my way to work, but as I haven’t been to work this last two weeks and not been driving much to anywhere else, so audiobooks were kind of put on a backburner. I’ve also given up writing posts about it or including it in other posts, because after a time it just seemed like too much work. But I’m still keeping track here in the DIY counter-thingy in the right column of this blog).
I’ve finished Dragonfly in Amber a few days ago and right away continued with Voyager, which might probably be my 2nd favourite book of this series. Outlander itself being the favourite, because it was the start of all of it, but Voyager is a close 2nd, because I just like the way the events of the 20 years which have passed are told and of course because Jamie and Claire are finally reunited. I’m already getting excited about it again and I’m still in chapter 06 of the audiobook :-)

All this stories about Scotland reminded me that there are still lots of photos on my hard drive that I wanted to share from the vacation to Scotland last year.

Day 05: 16 August, Northern Highlands (Part 2)
We started from Inverness again and headed directly out west this time, passed the Rogie Falls and Little Loch Broom (which you can see on the blog’s header now as well) and off to the west coast, around Gruinard Bay and down to Inverewe Gardens, where I didn’t take as much photos as I maybe should have, of all the flowers and plants in bloom. And yes, it was a very sunny and beautiful day again, so we stopped for a short visit to the beach at Gairloch, before we drove back east to Inverness….

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